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Discover Comprehensive Contact Lens Care

Whether you're considering contact lenses for the first time or looking to update your prescription, we're here to help. If you're interested in wearing contact lenses, please let us know when scheduling your appointment so we can allocate sufficient time for your visit.

Before a patient can be fitted with contact lenses, a comprehensive exam is necessary.  This exam is critical to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens wear and to rule out the possibility of any unsuspected, underlying conditions that may prevent contact lens use. Since a contact lens actually lays on your eye, it is important to conduct further tests as well as examine the fit of the contact lenses.  Knowing about your lifestyle will allow us to make a better recommendation for the best type of contact lenses for you.  

Most health insurance plans cover the medical part of your exam but do not cover the contact lens services.  Your contact consult involves extra testing by our doctors to evaluate your contact lenses and eye health.  The tests are necessary even if you wear contacts part-time or only to change your eye color.  Evaluation during a contact lens consult may include:  keratometry, detailed slit lamp exam, refraction over contacts, corneal topography, visual acuity with contacts and assessment of lens fit.

Types of contacts

Daily contact lenses are single-use disposable lenses designed to be worn once and discarded at the end of the day. They offer convenience and hygiene as there's no need for cleaning or storing, reducing the risk of eye infections. They also provide comfort and consistent vision, making them ideal for those with busy lifestyles or sensitive eyes.

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